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Our Terms, Conditions and general salon information.  Please familiarise yourself with these prior to your appointment.

Salon Etiquette

Everything you need to know about visiting Nilosa for your appointment, including our terms and conditions

  • Preparation for your visit
    We are an appointment only salon. All clients (existing and new) will be required to complete a consultation form to comply with our insurance requirements – Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your initial appointment time to complete this in the salon. Our reception desk is not always manned, please bear this in mind if our door is locked or we have not answered your call. Please do leave us a message/email and we will return it as soon as possible within our opening hours. If you wish to pop in to see us for retail, gift vouchers etc, please contact us so we can book you a slot. If you have a booked appointment, we know you are coming and will let you in.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Once you make your appointment, we ensure that time slot is reserved especially for you. We understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable and respectfully request you do so a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment time, when you receive the reminder email. We will be happy to cancel or rearrange the appointment for you. If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours or do not arrive at all, all future bookings you wish to make with us will be subject to a non-refundable booking fee of 50% of the treatment cost. With notice we are able to inform our standby clients of availability and fill the space, without notice we unfortunately cannot and we thank you for your understanding.
  • Methods of payment
    We accept Debit Card, Credit Card (including AMEX), Apple/Google/Samsung Pay (and other alternatives) at the salon for payments of £70 and above. For payments of £69 and below, we accept cash or bank transfer (we will provide you with our details on checkout)
  • Patch testing requirements
    All clients require a patch test before their first appointment or if they have not had a patch test or treatment within the last 3 months, for the following: Lash/brow tinting Bronsun lash/brow tinting Lash lifting Brow lamination Chemical peels Patch tests must be carried out by us, in the salon, a minimum of 48 hours prior to the appointment. Patch tests should ideally not be carried out within 2 weeks of a vaccine or booster. Patch tests are free and take 15 minutes. If you are a new client, you will complete a consultation while we apply your patch test. Patch tests need to be booked, we do not accept walk-ins, please contact us to book a slot. All advice will be given during your appointment. If, after your test, you notice anything untoward, for example: the area feels hot, itchy, inflamed, skin goes red or bumpy - please apply something cold/damp to the area to soothe (flannel, sponge, cotton wool, ice pack - make sure it is clean and if using an ice pack, please wrap in something so not applying directly to the skin). If that doesn't calm the reaction, aloe vera is very soothing to inflamatory areas. Do not apply anything perfumed, coloured or any creams with AHA, BHA, Retinol as these will aggravate the area. In cases where a reaction doesn't calm with either a cold compress or aloe vera, please seek medical advice from a pharmacist. Should you react to a patch test, please contact us as we are unable to carry out the treatment. Clients can react to patch tests at certain times due to many factors including health issues, medication, changes in climate and low immunity. A further patch test can be carried out at a later date to try again.
  • Booking your appointment
    We do not take walk-ins so please call, email or message us to make an appointment. If you would like to buy products, gift vouchers or require a patch test, please contact us so we can book you a 15-minute slot. When our reception is unmanned, we have a locked door policy which we will only open if we are expecting you for a booked appointment. We may not be able to facilitate last minute/on the day bookings - So please book your appointments as far in advance as possible. If you are vulnerable or have other concerns, please request an early time slot on your chosen day as we will have had less traffic through the salon. Please DO NOT BOOK an appointment if you are displaying any symptoms or knowingly have tested positive for COVID. We are a close contact service with vulnerable clients and staff and wish to remain a COVID FREE zone. Although the Government are no longer enforcing isolation, we have a moral and ethical duty of care to ALL our clients to keep them as safe as possible. If a member of our team catches COVID, they will need to self-isolate which will cause a detrimental impact to our business and all other clients booked in for the following 5 days. Our cancellation policy does not apply to initial appointments. However, if you do not arrive for your first appointment or are late and your appointment has to be rescheduled, all subsequent bookings you wish to make with us will be subject to our cancellation policy. You will be sent a reminder 48 hours before your appointment.
  • Arriving for your appointment
    Initial visit to Nilosa Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. We will be expecting you and will let you in to sit in our waiting area to complete your form. Once you have completed a consultation form at your initial visit, you won't need to do this again. Please attend appointments alone where possible (with the exception of a carer). Further visits to Nilosa Please arrive on time for your appointment and not before. We will be expecting you and will check if there are any changes to your personal information - please let us know of any new medical conditions, medication, ill health, issues as these can impact on some treatments, we will make a note of these or of no changes and ask you to sign your own attendance sheet (kept within your consultation form) to confirm. Please attend appointments alone where possible (with the exception of a carer). Arriving late for your appointment If you arrive late for your appointment, regrettably your treatment may be cut short or rearranged in instances where further clients are booked directly after you. These appointments will still be charged at the full treatment cost. Any future appointments you wish to make with us will be subject to our cancellation policy. Non-Attendance of your appointment If you do not attend your appointment, you will receive a 'no show' email and any future appointments you wish to make with us will be subject to our cancellation policy. If your appointment was part of a pre-paid course, the missed treatment will be deducted from the course.
  • Nilosa treatment timings
    Here at Nilosa, we want you to feel relaxed and pampered so the treatment time you see for all of our facial, body and complementary therapy treatments include an additional 15 minutes on top of the procedure time, this allows us to give you thorough pre and post advice without compromising your actual treatment. For example a Back, Neck & Shoulder massage is a 30 minute massage, but your appointment time will be 45 minutes. An Essential Facial is a 60 minute treatment, but your appointment time will be 75 minutes.
  • Enjoying your time with us
    We aim to create an environment for all our clients to unwind and relax. To enable us to do this, we kindly request that your mobile phone is switched onto silent and children under the age of 10 are not accompanying you when you visit for your appointment.
  • Treatment for minors at Nilosa
    Unfortunately we are unable to treat clients under the age of 16 due to our insurance requirements. For all advanced treatments, clients must be 18 years of age and above.
  • Gift Vouchers
    Nilosa gift vouchers are available to purchase for men and women and can be completed for a monetary denomination, specific treatment or products. They have a strict 6 months expiry from the date purchased and are non-refundable. You can purchase them directly from us in salon (please contact us for a slot allocation so we will be available to complete the purchase for you). Alternatively, you can email us the details of the message you want on the voucher, the amount or treatment it is for, the recipient's name and address and we can complete/post it directly to them or to you so you can complete it and give to them yourself. We will give you our bank details for a transfer and once received, will post immediately. If the GV is for over £70, we can call you and take payment over the phone.
  • Courses of treatments
    For us to help you achieve the results you desire, many of our treatments can be booked and purchased in courses that enable you to make savings. Courses must be paid for upfront, are non-refundable and expire 12 months from the purchase date. Please note, if you arrive late for a pre-paid treatment from your course, regrettably your treatment may be cut short in instances where further clients are booked directly after you. This still constitutes one full treatment. If you miss your appointment altogether, the full treatment will still be deducted from your course.
  • Parking
    Although there is no private parking at Nilosa, we have several parking options around us. Camp Road - There is plenty of parking spaces along Camp Road on the street but they are chargeable Mondays - Saturdays between 8am and 6pm. Up to 15 minutes is 20p, up to 30 minutes is 30p and up to 1 hour is 50p. You can pay with coins or via contactless with a card. If you are visiting us after 6pm the parking is free. Peabody Road Car Park - Situated behind the Camp Road high street with a cut through to the shops and approximately 2 minutes walk from the salon. Chargeable Mondays - Sundays between 8am and 6pm. You can park there for 40p for 1 hour, 70p for 2 hours, £1 for 3 hours and £1.30 for 4 hours. If you are visiting us after 6pm this car park still has a night charge of £1 from 6pm - 9am, so park on the street for free (Camp Road). Napier Gardens Car Park – Situated at the top of Queen’s Avenue at the Lynchford Road end of Camp Road and approximately 5 minutes walk from the salon. Currently all parking here is free in support of the local North Camp shops. Please check signs in the car park as this could be subject to change.
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