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This relaxing treatment is a touch therapy based on the theory that all the parts of your body are reflected in miniature on your feet.  By working over the feet with a specific pressure point technique, a reflexologist can help bring your body back into balance (homeostasis) whilst reducing stress and promoting deep relaxation.

 30 minute treatment

45 Minutes..........£50

45 minute treatment

60 Minutes..........£60

60 minute treatment

75 Minutes..........£70

Hopi Ear Candling

Relax and unwind with a soothing ear candling treatment.  Following a cleanse/tone of your skin, a lit, hollow candle is placed in the ear and gently burns down creating a vacuum effect to help release impurities and blockages.  Finished with a relaxing drainage massage to relieve tension. This is excellent for releasing sinus congestion and ear pressure.

60 Minutes..........£65

Indian Head Massage

Let all your cares slip away during a relaxing Indian Head Massage.  During this seated massage therapy we will work on your upper back, arms, neck, face and scalp to calm and revitalise the upper body. 

(Can also be done laying down if preferred)

60 Minutes..........£65

All complementary therapy treatments can be purchased in courses of 4 saving you £5 per treatment


Have you ever wished your treatment could have been that little bit longer?  Or that in addition to your back massage a cooling eye or foot treatment would have gone down a treat?  Well, wish no more!  Try one, or more, of these 15 minute additional treats for a prolonged pamper ;)

Each addition.........£15

Scalp massage

Face massage

Shoulder & neck massage

Cooling eye treatment

Hand or foot massage

*Please note

All Nilosa complementary therapy treatment times include 15 minutes pre/post care to ensure you receive our high level of service without compromising your treatment time.  For example the Indian Head Massage is a 45 minute massage and we allow 60 minutes for your appointment.

All Complementary Therapy treatments are suitable for clients of all gender identities.

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