Carrina is a fully trained technician from the Natural Enhancement Academy, one of the most accredited training schools for micro-pigmentation in the UK. After 2 years of working under world renowned permanent make-up expert Tracey Simpson, and gaining a vast knowledge of all parts of the micro-pigmentation industry, she founded Micro Art LDN in 2016 and began treating clients of her own.


She went on to complete advanced Microblading training at the Sian Dellar clinic in Harley Street, London, where she has worked several days a week for the past year, in addition to building Micro Art LDN in Watford.  Carrina also has an  ITEC internationally recognised qualification in Micropigmentation meaning as well as her industry certificates and recognition, she now holds a qualification regulated by the UK government and recognised in countries worldwide.  

As well as offering Microblading and Permanent Makeup, Carrina is a certified specialist in pigment corrections and removals too, using the Botched Ink method and products.


We have the pleasure of welcoming Carrina and her treatments to Nilosa.  Currently she runs her clinic one Thursday each month.




Includes a full discussion on expectations, treatment design, medical history, suitability and a

sensitivity test. (Consultation fee is redeemable against treatment price if booked)


30 Minutes          £30



Fine, artistically-drawn hair strokes that mimic natural brow hairs are created with 'Microblading' - a technique that uses a handheld tool comprised of tiny sterile pins. This technique can offer a long-lasting definition that can assist with sparse, thin or over-plucked brows. Individual stokes can be placed exactly where necessary, and pigment is implanted to follow the direction of the natural hair growth, to blend seamlessly with what hair is available, or what would have been present before hair loss.  Perfect for alopecia sufferers, microblading can create the most realistic semi-permanent brow designs. The most popular and natural effect to fill in, create from scratch, or perfect natural eyebrows. Price includes a refill 4-6 weeks later (30 minutes)


90 Minutes          £350


6 - 12 months      £150

12 - 18 months     £200


The Ombré Powder Brow technique can give the illusion of a soft, powdery makeup throughout the brow area, that heals without harsh edges. It is a little more intense than Microblading. Perfect for clients wanting a defined makeup look whilst being smudge-free. Throw away your regular pencil, and wake up to beautifully balanced brows every day.  A machine created ‘make-up’ look brow that heals to a soft powdery effect. Price includes a refill 4-12 weeks later (60 minutes)


120 Minutes         £350


As the saying goes - the eyes are the window to the soul. Eyeliner and eyelash enhancement can create the illusion of larger eyes, thicker eyelashes and highlight the beautiful colours of the iris. Applied precisely throughout the lash-line, the treatment is ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle, love to swim, or generally would like smudge-free definition without the hassle of application and removal every day. A machine created fine eyeliner or super-fine lash definer to give the appearance of thicker lashes and more eye definition. Price includes a refill 4-12 weeks later (60 minutes)


Upper and lower lids

90 Minutes         £320

Upper or lower lids

90 Minutes         £320


A machine created thick eyeliner to give the appearance of thicker lashes

and more eye definition with a flick. Price includes a refill 4-12 weeks later (60 minutes)

150 Minutes         £370


Full, flushed lips have always been synonymous with beauty and youth, but over time our lips can lose their natural definition and colour with ageing. The Lip Contour and Youth Blush treatment re-defines the border of the lips, and restores youth with a flush of colour expertly blended to graduate into the body of the lips. The colour can be as natural or bold as you choose, and is ideal if you long to smile and pout with confidence.  A crisp definition to the lip boarder and a flush of youthful colour. Price includes a refill 4-12 weeks later (1.5 hours)


150 Minutes        £370


6 - 12 months      £190

12 - 18 months     £240



Revered for its gentle yet incredibly effective pigment lifting and lightening success, Botched Ink is an award winning product that offers technicians the ability to remove a client's unwanted or over-saturated pigment gently, comfortably and safely. Botched Ink® is a concentrated hypertonic saline solution for tattoo removal, which when implanted into skin, dries the area and lifts away unwanted pigment molecules during the natural healing process. 

Botched Ink® Saline removal can be used for:
* Eyebrows, Lip Liner (outside vermillion border), Scalp tattoo pigment
* Lifting out pigment from oversaturated areas that have built up too much pigment density over time
* Lightening pigment that has healed too dark
* Lifting and removing unwanted pigment that has been applied in an unflattering shape or design
* Correcting small areas - perhaps a brow tail that is too long, or a stroke that is out of place
* Lifting out 'skin stain' - the russet/orange residue of degraded iron oxide pigments
* Emergency removal of a tattoo gone wrong! 

Saline Cosmetic Tattoo lifting works best on pigment that is as fresh or new as possible. Areas that have had many applications of pigment over the years, or are more saturated or have potential scar tissue, may require more sessions as each layer of pigment molecules lifts out of the skin.
Most clients see improvement after 2-3 sessions. However, any type of pigment removal is a process, and as a rule a minimum of 3 sessions are advised initially, spaced 8 weeks apart. This is because pigment can initially look a little darker as molecules that are deep in the skin rise up from the dermis to the surface during the process.
After the initial 3 sessions, and a further 12 week wait, an assessment can be made and further sessions can then be booked, depending on the lift achieved and the desired end result. A minimum of 4 months MUST pass between a final lifting session and a new pigmentation enhancement.

Why Botched Ink® Saline removal?
* The patented formula of this product has a PH that closely resembles that of healthy skin, meaning that it is gentle and non-irritating for the client, with no lingering burn or sting.
* The formula includes Aloe Vera which helps the solution soak into the skin, minimising the need for trauma, which in turn prevents scarring.
* The ingredients have been chosen for their drying and healing properties, which means that areas like eyebrows dry out within the hour. Clients can leave the clinic feeling confident.
* Botched Ink is the only saline tattoo removal product on the market that is available in individual per-treatment sachets, rather than bottles, meaning ultimate freshness and hygiene for the treatment.

Prior to booking a course of Botched Ink® Saline Cosmetic Tattoo Removal treatments, a consultation is required to assess your pigment and discuss your treatment plan and desired outcome. 


Per session           £120

(minimum of 3 sessions advised)





Patch test is required for these treatments and must be done a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment.  A deposit of £100 is required to secure all treatment bookings.

Contact us to make an appointment or book a consultation to see how semi permanent make-up and microblading could work for you.