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Fainareti graduated ATEITH in Greece as a physiotherapist in 2014 and later got her pedagogical qualifications in 2015.


While in Greece, she had worked as a physiotherapist and as a kinesiology teacher in various schools as a locum.  In 2020 the UK government accepted her qualifications and she was able to work as a physiotherapist in the private sector (working with NHS patients, insurance company's patients and  private paying patients).

Her ideal of a holistic approach when it comes to treatment lead her to complete different technique seminars like Mulligan, PNF etc and also to get a qualification in yoga (200h).


The need to be able to provide the treatment that she wants without the time constraints and the fixed amount of treatment session given by the NHS and most insurance companies made her to want to open her own clinic. 


Fainareti is a qualified HCPC physiotherapist and a member of CSP.

We have the pleasure of welcoming Fainareti and her treatments to Nilosa every Monday 10am - 2pm.


**Please wear clothes that you feel comfortable moving in and can expose the treated area**

In the physiotherapy assessment we will go through your relevant past medical history, we will discuss your problem/symptoms and how it affects your everyday life and we will find an approach to either help your body to get better or to maintain the symptoms and prevent them from getting worse  - The assessment would consist of a questionnaire about your relevant past medical history, an objective assessment, and if applicable hands on treatment and a home exercise plan.


Treatment time allow 45 - 60min          £60  



*Please note that in order to use the physiotherapy treatment session, you need to complete an initial physiotherapy assessment session first.
In the physiotherapy treatment session we will review and adjust your home exercise plan if needed, and use hands on treatment, if safe to do so, in order for you to be able to manage your symptoms while you are healing . 


Treatment time allow 30 - 45min          £45



Deep tissue and sports massage can either be purchased on their own or after physiotherapy has been completed in order to help maintain the results and keep a supple and healthy body. The areas treated can be discussed on the appointment.
*Please note that if I believe that massage is not safe/appropriate for you to have we will cancel the appointment and your fees will be refunded.

Treatment 30 minutes          £45

Treatment 60 minutes          £60

Appointments can be booked and prepaid via Fainareti's website

Please note that if you do not attend, or cancel within 24hours, the fee will be retained.