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Anita is our HIFU guru and has a strong and established background in the hair and beauty industry. She is passionate about revealing a person's best self through treatments that make them feel more confident and self assured.  Anita uses the UltraWon, a non-invasive High Intensity Focused Ultrasound medical grade treatment system for skin rejuvenation and lifting. 

How does it work?
As the ageing process begins, our skin looses collagen and elastin, which causes the skin to become loose or sag.  Using ultrasound cartridges, HIFU delivers thermal energy at 3 different skin depths (1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm).  It encourages the skin to rejuvenate through reproduction of collagen and a noticeable tightening is seen.

What are the benefits?
The HIFU procedure can be used as a preventative measure or to treat an existing problem, to lift the face and tighten the neck.

What does the treatment involve?
All HIFU treatments are not created equal.  There are many other, non medical grade systems on the market but they don't deliver the deep 4.5mm penetration into the SMAS layer.  One of the greatest benefits of this treatment is the lack of downtime.  Treatment takes around 1 hour and leaves you with an initial tightening and lifting effect that builds up over a period of approximately 12 weeks.  HIFU is widely accepted as the best alternative to a facelift and a very viable option for many people aged from 30 years old.  Treatment develops over 3-6 months post procedure and results can last up to one year post treatment!




Includes a full discussion on expectations, treatment design, medical history and suitability. Consultation fee is redeemable against treatment price if booked.


30 Minutes                  £50

Phone consultation    FOC


ONE AREA                  £250 


Eye & Brow lift

Upper face (cheek area)

Lower face


Neck area                 £325

Decolletage              £300

Full face                    £850

Abdomen                  £500

(3 sessions required 1 month apart - course of 3 £1250)

Contact us to make an appointment or book a consultation to see how HIFU therapy could work for you.