COVID-19 Client Safety Policy

Version 5: 09-12-2020


Firstly, welcome back to Nilosa.  We are enjoying catching up with our regulars and are looking forward to meeting new clients.  But, to do this safely and conform to the ‘new normal’, we have made some significant changes in the way we carry out your salon services, so let’s tell you about them and how you, as our client, will have to play a part.



Preparation for your visit

  • All clients (existing and new) will be required to complete an online, updated version of our consultation form – this is available on our website under the 'About us' tab

  • All clients will require patch tests (existing and new) for the following treatments:

       Lash/brow treatments & Chemical peels


Reasons why:

The salon has been closed for several months over the course of 2020, which means we haven't been able to treat you during that time. To comply with our insurance requirements we must get up-to-date information and re-patch test all clients.  It is also an industry guideline that we convert paper consultations to electronic versions to reduce contact. 


Booking your appointment

  • We are unable to accept walk ins – not even to say hi, buy products or patch test

  • We have a locked door policy which we will only open if we are expecting you for a booked appointment

  • We are unable to take last minute/on the day bookings – we will need a minimum of 24 hours’ notice but request you book as far in advance as possible

  • If you are vulnerable or have other concerns please request an early time slot on your chosen day

  • Please let us know as early as possible if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid prior to your appointment so that we can cancel it and offer to someone else.  We will not be able to re-book you until you have had a covid test with a negative result  If you have been contacted by the Government's Test & Trace system, please contact us to cancel your appointment immediately. We will not be able to re-book you for a further 14 days if you do not display symptoms, longer if you do

  • If you have returned from a holiday abroad, we respectfully request you leave it 14 days before coming to us for a treatment

  • We are not applying our cancellation policy or requesting deposits to secure your appointments.  However, if you do not arrive for your first appointment or you are late and your appointment has to be rescheduled, all subsequent bookings will be subject to our 50% non-refundable booking fee

  • You will be sent a reminder 24 hours before your appointment with Covid related questions.  If you answer YES to any of the questions, you must contact us immediately to discuss your appointment as it may need to be rearranged

  • We are currently providing all our treatments except make up services


Reasons why:

Government and Industry guidelines require us to limit contact and occupancy within the salon and carry out full cleaning/disinfection between each client.  Therefore we have to stagger appointment times between treatment rooms, therapists and visiting specialists to prevent a cross over from occurring. In addition to staggering client entry/exit we are also required to include an additional 15 minutes onto each client's appointment time to fully disinfect the treatment room, common areas and reception (and if used, the bathroom). To enable us to organise bookings as efficiently as we can, we appreciate any clients that can book their treatments in advance.  We understand that if you feel unwell or have come into contact with someone with symptoms/or the virus you will need to cancel your appointment at short notice, therefore we will not be applying our cancellation policy.  However, we hope you understand that, if you do not arrive or are late for your first appointment and it has to be rescheduled, your future bookings will be subject to our 50% non-refundable booking fee as we are unable to risk the loss of further income when we are working on reduced capacity and unable to fill the empty slots.  If a client or member of staff comes into contact with COVID-19, we may be required to close the salon for a period of 14 days.  There is a possibility that we will not be allowed to perform certain treatments deemed as 'high risk' 


Arriving for your appointment

  • Please arrive on time (not before)

  • Please attend your appointment alone (with exception of a parent/guardian for a minor or a carer)

  • Please bring as little as possible to your appointment

  • On entering the salon:

       Your therapist will unlock/open the door for you

       You may be subject to a temperature check (using a contactless thermometer, if government requires)

       You will be given 70% alcohol gel to sanitise your hands       

       You will be provided with a single use surgical mask, any other specified items and taken to the treatment room


Reasons why:

Due to the restrictions placed upon us, and as explained above, we are required to carry out a full clean/disinfect of the salon between each client.  This will take time meaning we can’t carry out as many appointments each day.  If you arrive ahead of your scheduled appointment time, we may not be ready to let you in, you may not be able to use our waiting area and we don’t want you having to stand outside unnecessarily.  We will not be able to allow anyone accompanying you into the salon unless they are a guardian for a minor or a carer and you will need to make us aware of this at the time of booking.  If required by the Government, we may have to take your temperature on entry.  To reduce the risk of infection, we respectfully request, where possible you only bring a payment card, keys and if necessary your phone.  All will be stored on entry and we will supply you with the relevant single use protective equipment as required by the government.  All staff will be wearing full PPE as stipulated by the Government.


During your treatment

  • For now, we are unable to provide magazines, leaflets, our treatment brochures and appointment cards

  • You may have to wear a mask or other specified PPE for the duration of your treatment

  • For now, we are only serving refreshments during manicure & pedicure appointments and they are in disposable lidded cups

  • We do provide water in disposable cups following treatments and where required

  • Our bathroom will still be available for you to use

  • We will open/close doors etc for you to avoid you touching anything unnecessarily

  • The treatment room will seem more clinical

  • Where possible equipment will be disposable and single use

  • We will still supply product samples where relevant but tester/demo products will no longer be available to try


Reasons why:

We are required to remove anything that is unnecessary and could transmit infection, including our literature and refreshments. To comply with regulation and the required cleaning/disinfection, we have altered our treatment rooms.  We have converted to single use/disposable items where possible, this includes bed coverings in certain treatments.  Each room (including the bathroom) has paper hand towel dispensers and soap dispensers to minimise unnecessary contact.


Paying for your treatment

  • For now, we appreciate payment via the following methods where possible – contactless, card payment or bank transfer

  • We have, inevitably, increased our prices


Reasons why:

We would prefer card or online transfer payments at this time, however, if you need to pay in cash, we will, of course, accept it.

This has been our first official price increase since we opened in 2018.  It is unavoidable and we want to be transparent about our situation.  We have spent much of 2020 closed with no income, yet paid full rent and utilities throughout.  We encountered additional costs to make the salon compliant with new regulations. On re-opening, our capacity to earn has been greatly reduced and there will be ongoing costs for single use equipment and the supply of PPE for staff and clients.  We understand we are not the only small business suffering and this is by no means a sob story, but to enable us to try to rebuild our business and hopefully secure a stable future for Nilosa, we truly hope you all understand it is a necessity.  We are pleased to have incorporated treatment courses for all facials, body and complementary therapy treatments which allow you to purchase treatments at a discounted price and have introduced a loyalty scheme to thank you for your continued support.


Further Information:

Gift Vouchers

For GV purchased from October 2019 that were due to expire during the lockdown period and for GV purchased between January and July 2020, we are extending expiry so you voucher will be valid until the end of February 2021.



For the remainder 2020 we will not be reinstating our memberships but hope to be able to do this again in the future, once we are back on our feet!  

Discount Vouchers

Many of you will have received a 25% off your next treatment voucher in your self-isolation survival kit and we absolutely want you to use them.  Your support in purchasing the kits has been truly appreciated. Your voucher can be used against any full price retail products or full price treatments in one single appointment. (It is not redeemable against courses or special offers as these are already discounted.  These vouchers are not redeemable on Visiting Specialist services)

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