COVID-19 Client Safety Policy



Version 12: 28-12-2021


Welcome to Nilosa, we are continuing to follow the stringent Close Contact Service Guidelines

as laid out by the Government to keep ourselves and our clients safe.



Preparation for your visit

  • All clients (existing and new) will be required to complete a consultation form to comply with our insurance requirements – Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your initial appointment time to complete this in the salon 

  • Our reception desk is not always manned.  Please bear this in mind if our door is locked or we haven't answered your call.  Please do leave us a message and we will return it as soon as possible.  If you wish to pop in to see us for retail, GVs etc, please et us know so we can book you a slot.  If you have a booked appointment with us, we know you are coming and will let you in. 

  • All clients will require patch tests (existing and new) for the following treatments:

       Lash/brow treatments & Chemical peels

       Patch tests ideally should not be carried out within 2 weeks post receiving your COVID Vaccine/booster.  Please bear this in mind when booking for your

       patch test.

  • Advanced aesthetic treatments (SPMU, skin peels, skin needling, dermaplaning, Plasma Skin Therapy, HIFU)  cannot be carried out within 7 days of receiving your COVID Vaccine/booster.  Please ensure you do not book an appointment for any of those treatments unless it will be a minimum of 7 days after you have had the vaccine.

  • Dermal filler treatment cannot be carried out within 3 weeks prior and 3 weeks post receiving your COVID Vaccine/booster.  Please ensure you do not book an appointment for this within those times.

  • Anti Wrinkle and Fat Dissolving treatment cannot be carried out within 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks post receiving your COVID Vaccine/booster.  Please ensure you do not book an appointment for these within those times.

Booking your appointment

  • If appointments are available, we will accept walk ins – However, where possible, please call, email or message us to make an appointment.  If you would like to buy products, gift vouchers or require a patch test, please contact us so we can book you a 15 minute slot.

  • When our reception is unmanned, we have a locked door policy which we will only open if we are expecting you for a booked appointment

  • We may not be able to  facilitate last minute/on the day bookings - So please book your appointments as far in advance as possible

  • If you are vulnerable or have other concerns please request an early time slot on your chosen day

  • Please let us know as early as possible if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid prior to your appointment so that we can cancel it and offer to someone else.  We will not be able to re-book you until you have had a covid test with a negative result  If you have been contacted by the Government's Test & Trace system, please contact us to cancel your appointment immediately. We will not be able to re-book you for a further 14 days if you do not display symptoms, longer if you do

  • If you have returned from a holiday abroad, we respectfully request you leave it 14 days or whatever the government quarantine requirements are before coming to us for a treatment

  • We are not applying our cancellation policy to initial appointments.  However, if you do not arrive for your first appointment or you are late and your appointment has to be rescheduled, all subsequent bookings you wish to make with us will be subject to our 50% non-refundable booking fee

  • You will be sent a reminder 48 hours before your appointment with Covid related questions.  If you answer YES to any of the questions, please contact us immediately to discuss your booking as it may need to be rearranged

  • We are currently providing all our listed treatments 


Arriving for your appointment

  • For your initial visit - Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete your consultation form

  • For further visits - Please arrive on time (not before)

  • Please attend your appointment alone (with exception of a parent/guardian for a minor or a carer)

  • Please bring as little as possible to your appointment

  • On entering the salon:

       Your therapist/receptionist will unlock/open the door for you

       You may be subject to a temperature check (using a contactless thermometer)

       You will be given 70% alcohol gel to sanitise your hands       

       If required, you will be provided with a single use surgical mask and any other specified items    

       Initial visits - you will be shown to a seat in our waiting area to complete your consultation form and your therapist will collect you at your appointment time

       Further visits - you will be taken directly to the treatment room

During your treatment

  • We are no longer providing magazines or our treatment brochures 

  • You may have to wear a mask or other specified PPE for the duration of your treatment

  • Our bathroom is available for you to use

  • We will open/close doors etc for you to avoid you touching anything unnecessarily

  • The treatment room will seem more clinical

  • Where possible equipment will be disposable and single use

  • We will still supply product samples where relevant but tester/demo products will no longer be available to try

Paying for your treatment

  • We appreciate payment via the following methods where possible – contactless, card payment or bank transfer but we do accept cash


Further Information:

Gift Vouchers

We are back to our normal policy of 6 months for all Gift Vouchers.